Gettysburg’s Citizens, July 1, 1863

In this modern map, historical sites from July 1, 1863, are added to show their locations. This will be updated with new additions as more people are added.

The links with each name take you to spots on this Web site where you can learn more about each.

Where family history information has been captured publicly, a family history link is included. If you are of European descent with at least a few generations living in the United States, it is possible, if not likely, that you are related to someone living in Gettysburg 1863. A free account at FamilySearch can help you find your connection, or you can also check out other sites like Ancestry.

Learn what each of the following did before, during, and after the Battle of Gettysburg:

Basil Biggs (Basil Biggs Genealogy)

Mary Jackson Biggs (Mary Jackson Biggs Genealogy)

David Blocher (David Blocher Genealogy)

Oliver Blocher (Oliver Blocher Genealogy)

John Lawrence Burns (John Burns Genealogy)

Catherine Bushman (Catherine Bushman Genealogy)

Emanuel Bushman (Emanuel Bushman Genealogy)

Sarah Margaret “Sadie” Bushman (Sadie Bushman Genealogy)

Elizabeth Butler

Samuel Butler and Family

Samuel Butler, the Younger

Martha G. Creager (Martha G. Creager Genealogy; readers, more could be researched here)

Daniel Culp (Daniel Culp Genealogy)

Esaias Jesse Culp (Jesse Culp Genealogy)

Jacob Culp (Jacob Culp Genealogy)

John Wesley Culp (Wes Culp Genealogy)

Margaret Culp (Margaret Culp Genealogy)

William Culp (William Culp Genealogy)

Caroline Fahnestock

Edward Fahnestock

Gates Fahnestock

Henry Fahnestock

James Fahnestock

Louisa Fahnestock

Samuel Fahnestock

Mary Powers Flaharty

Jim Green

Charles William Hoffman (Charles Hoffman Genealogy)

Francis Hoffman (Francis Hoffman Genealogy)

Robert Hoffman (Robert Hoffman Genealogy)

Wesley Hoffman (Wesley Hoffman Genealogy)

Lydia Powers Lipton

Georgia Wade McClellan (Georgia Wade Genealogy)

John Louis McClellan (John McClellan Genealogy)

Sallie Myers

Jane Powers McDonnell

John Henry McDonnell

Catherine (Kitty) Payne

Cynthia Powers Pittenturf

Daniel Pittenturf

Alice Powers

Catherine Ann Atkinson Powers

Solomon Powers

Caroline “Carrie” Sheads (Caroline Sheads Genealogy)

David McBride Sheads (David Sheads Genealogy)

Elias Sheads (Elias Sheads Genealogy)

Elias J. Sheads (Elias J. Sheads Genealogy)

Elizabeth Sheads (Elizabeth Sheads Genealogy)

Jacob James Sheads (Jacob James Sheads Genealogy)

Louisa Sheads (Louisa Sheads Hardman Genealogy)

Mary McBride Sheads (Mary McBride Sheads Genealogy)

Robert Elias Sheads (Robert Elias Sheads Genealogy)

Salome Sheads (Salome Sheads Genealogy)

Charles Edwin Skelly (Ed Skelly Genealogy)

Daniel Skelly (Daniel Skelly Genealogy)

Johnston Skelly (Johnston Skelly Genealogy)

Johnston “Jack” Skelly, Jr. (Jack Skelly Genealogy)

David Smith

Virginia Powers Smith

Catherine Sweeney

Harvey Sweeney

Lizzie Sweeney

Captain James Wade (James Wade Genealogy)

Mary Ann Wade (Mary Ann Wade Genealogy)

Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade (Jennie Wade Genealogy)

John Warner (John Warner Genealogy)

See where well-known Historical and Gettysburg Notables Intersected with Gettysburg Citizens.

James McAllister

General Francis Barlow

Basil Biggs

The Iron Brigade

Reverend Michael Bushman (house is part of the Gettysburg National Military Park)

General Jubal Early

Hamtramck Guards

Horatio Stockton Howell

General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

Marquis de Lafayette

Abraham Lincoln

Jonathan Letterman

Dr. Benjamin Franklin Lyford

Edward and Annie Mathews

General Robert H. Milroy

Stonewall Brigade

Colonel David Hunter Strother

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Wheelock

Samuel and Bayard Wilkeson

Lt. Colonel David Winn

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