The Citizens of Gettysburg

Like every small town, 1863 Gettysburg had its cranks, criminals, love stories, jealousies, and gossip. For most of the residents, the Battle of Gettysburg and its aftermath were the most significant events of their lives. Learn more about these fascinating personalities! Below are three of the most famous. Check out our growing list of citizens and their networks!

Featured Citizen: The Citizen Soldier

The only citizen to take up arms and fight at The Battle of Gettysburg, John Lawrence Burns spun wild tales about himself . . . and aggravated many fellow residents.

Meet Each Citizen, One by One

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Family and Friend Networks

Gettysburg had about two thousand residents at the time of the battle, and their lives were intertwined in complex ways. Get to know Gettysburg’s people through its family and friend networks.

I [would] like to tell you every intimate detail. Many great events I can easily recall and the days of the battle here in July 1, 2, and 3, 1863 have been impressed on my heart and brain as though seared with a great hot iron.

Catherine Bushman, 1904, age 79