Updates to American Civil War Historical Context and Activities for Parents and Teachers

I use fiction to dramatize the real-life stories of people in the American Civil War historical context. I am purposely targeting a young audience in doing so, and hence I am have also been including historical context and learning resources. I’m pleased to say that I have created my first simple interactive exercises to help people learn even more about the economics and politics of the antebellum period.

This first set of activities involves doing simple math and filling in the blanks with correct answers. However, the net effect should be eye-opening: the money involved in the practice of slavery was staggering, and in many cases, it was life changing . . . for both its practitioners and for its victims.

Over the course of the next few days, I will introduce additional learning activities to accompany many of the fiction chapters published so far. I will post notices so that people who wish may catch up on those. Then I will return to the creation of fiction, learning resources, and activities that push us further along the historical timeline.

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