Family and Friend Networks in Gettysburg

At the time of the battle, Gettysburg had about two thousand residents, about ten percent of which were African American. The roots of many families, black and white, dated back to the mid-1700s, and many of the families were inextricably linked through marriage. The Culp family, for example, had been in the area for a couple of generations and had married into a variety of founding and newer families. The following are family and/or friend network pages where you can read stories that connect the residents of Gettysburg in ways you may not have seen before. This page will be updated and expanded as new networks are added.

Basil and Mary Biggs

The Blochers of Barlow’s Knoll

John Burns and His Wife

The Bushmans

Samuel Butler and Family

Solomon and Catherine Powers and Family

Elias, Mary, and Carrie Sheads and Family

The Fahnestock Family and Their Store

Jennie Wade and Her Network

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